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"Karl Terry",has been performing and singing Rock and Roll music since hearing "BILL HALEYS" Green Tree Boogie.circa 1951/52.                                                            
            "The Gamblers" Skiffle Group was formed due to the inspiration of "Lonnie Donegan",and evolved into "Terry and the Teenaces"

With the onset of rock and roll,the legend of "Karl Terry and the Cruisers" began. Taking their name from Karls idol "GENE VINCENT"who had recorded an album track entitled "CRUISIIN".
15128 hits
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  0151 220 4724
Throughout the history of Merseybeat and British Rock and Roll,
"Karl Terrys" name is there on the billing,with the "Beatles","Searchers","Billy.j.Kramer","Bluegenes","Gerry and the Pacemakers" e.t.c.
"Tom Jones" at The IMPERATOR ,Madrid.
"The Shadows" at the CAVERN.
"Gene Vincent" at the LOCARNO[OLYMPIA]
"TheTROGGS"[Germany] The Hollies,Linda Gail Lewis,Terry Dene,Mike Berry,Wee Willie Harris,The Crickets,The Comets

The list go's on.
"Brenda Lee","Johnny Kidd","The Pretty Things"
"Scotty Moore" "D.J.Fontana" "Bobby Vee" "Emile Ford"P. J. Proby,Neil Christian,The Overlanders,Kenny Ball,Freddie and The Dreamers,Lulu,Ricky Tomlinson,Matchbox,Vince Eager,The Ronettes,Karl Denver,Freddie Starr,Mungo Jerry,Jet Harris/Tony Meehan Combo,George Melly,,Screaming Lord Sutch ,Hermans Hermits,The Springfields including Dusty,Johnny Cymbal,Chas McDevit,Craig Douglas and even "Ronnie Hilton" to name but a few rock n roll Legends,as well as appearing in T.V. movies with Rod Steiger,Joanna Lumley,Barbera Streisland,Jeremy Irons,Anthony Perkins,Anthony Andrews,Bernard Hughes,Christopher Cazonove,Bernard Hepton,Dyan Cannon,Vince Earle E.T.C. also appearing on theatre shows with Ken Dodd, Mick Miller,Tom Oconnor,George Roper,Dickie Henderson,Don Estelle,Windsor Davies,David Essex.

Karl has recorded 14 original songs on 4 C.D.albums, plus the classic "Haunted House" on GREEN vinyl plus Merseybeat Survivors album on vinyl and the last Merseybeat vinyl album "Rock n Roll Thats All" recorded in Germany.
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Meter Started: Apr 18, 2007
ARETHA FRANKLYN, K.52 CLUB Frankfurt-am-Mainz,Hank Locklin
[A] Side HAUNTED HOUSE (b) Side " Stick it in your pipe"
Lance Railton sings,Karl terry plays lead on Lances HARMONY Gtr. Ritterkeller Germany 1965
Below,Take Good Care Of My Baby,Karl Terry meets   The Great Bobby Vee. Summer 1998.EIGHT years later Bobby signs this photo
Below,Scotty Moore[ELVIS,first guitarist]Karl Terry and sons Sean and Jonathan
Above are Gordon Braid[double bass]note the FINGER,brother of Les Braid on guitar,Karl Terry on Hofner and one of the audience,when we were called Terry and the Teenaces
and a Grundig Tape recorder microphone plugged in to an BROADWAY SIX watt amp
Above,Scotty Moore,[ELVIS Original Guitarist]Karl Terry and son Sean
Above,Karl Terry,Kingsize Taylor[center] and Bobby Thompson   Dominoes, ex Rory Storm and Hurricanes,Rockin Berrys,great singer,great bass player,great man and treasured friend.
Below, Gordon Loughlin[bass] Chris Hatfield[Vox Organ] Karl Terry,Lance Railton[Gtr] Mike Evans[sax]RITTERKELLER Bad Vilbel Germany 1965
Above L.toR.Horst Fascher(Star club Legend)Karl Terry,D.J Fontana( ELVIS First Drummer]Brian Redman Drummer ex Hillsider Hamburg 01
Below are Karl Terry,P.J.Proby,Les Williams[gtr]Gordon Loughlin[Bass] at Allan Williams [BEATLES manager] farewell party for P.J.
Above,Bobby Thompson,John Frankland[Dominoes]Karl Terry,The Beer Shop,[Gretyl and Alphonsos ]Hamburg
Below,Karl Terry meets Bill Haleys Comets at the Cavern
Above and Right,The ORIGINAL Cavern 1962 lunchtime session Karl Terry on guitar leaning against the piano, with the Delameres Dave Shipperly[gtr] Dave Mc Gibbon[Bass] Gordon Railton Piano/Maraccas [no relation to Lance Railton] and Mike Wakefield[drums]
Below,Live T. V.The Atlantic pub for Billy Butler,famous compere at the original Cavern
Below,a cool looking dude
Below,Karl Terry[ Hofner,waistcoat,Sideburns] Lance Railton RITTERKELLER   Germany 1965
Below,Karl Terry with the great Jim Bowen BULLSEYE
Lance Railton at the K.52 Frankfurt am Mainz Germany 1965
A very rare photo in cellar of house rented by THE DELAMERES, admired and respected as one of the best bands performing on the Liverpool scene while resident at the Locarno[Olympia1961/63] and when Karl Terry joined ,played the Cavern,Iron Door,and Peppermint Lounge, at one of the many parties attended by all the major musos of the time including the Beatles,Hollies,Big Three,Gerry and Pacemakers and whoever was in Liverpool at the time.Above are Dave Shipperley[Gtr Delameres] Brian Redman[drums Sonny Webb and the Cascades,Hillsiders] Dave   mac McGibbon[bass Delameres] Mike Witfield[drums Delameres] Joe Butler [bass Cascades,Hillsiders] and Frankie Wan[steel gtr,Cascades,Hillsiders.
On the left Phil Bimpson the man who made this Web possible
A great night for a great man at a great venue
On the movie set of THE BEAT GOES ON
Playing double bass on movie set of THE BEAT GOES ON
Brian Jones[THE Undertaker]on sax
Right,a 70s   lineup
Below,JOHN LENNON IMAGINE concert the Philharmonic Hall
Below,No guessing where this is
Left,Report on the worlds FIRST SUPERGROUP,with KARL TERRY as lead singer.October 19th   1961,Litherland Town Hall,Liverpool.
Below,if you want to get noticed,dress for the gig
Below,Karl Terry recording LIVE T. V. at the CAVERN For the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane KATRINA Benefit
Below, LIVE recording for German T. V. in Bielefeld Jazz Club when the band was supplied with ALCOHOL FREE beer
Below are Colin Woodruff[Drummer] Karl Terry and the legendary PETE BEST at the Beatles convention Estrel hotel BERLIN
Below,Pete Best,Karl Terry,Joan and John Frankland[Dominoes]Beatles fest Berlin
Below recording live for German T.V. with no audience and ALCOHOL FREI BIER at Bielefeld Jazz Club
Below,Karl Terry, Billy Boy Burton[Sax] Paul the Hitch Hitchmough[Drums] Ghent Belgium
Below Paul Wright[guitar] Andy Bourne[sax] Manfred Kuhlman[manager] Billy Conroy[drums]Hamburg 1992
Below,We all tried to copy the Beatles   with black polo neck sweaters Freddie Ennis[bass] Larry Clarke[rhythm guitar] Gordon Templeton [drums] Karl Terry lead guitar and vocals Windermere club 1962
Above,Karl Terry [Hofner] Gordon Loughlin[Framus Bass] Chris Hatfield[Vox Organ] Tommy Maguire[Drums] Lance Railton[Harmony Guitar] Mike Evans[Tenor Sax] Ritterkeller Germany 1965
Right,One of first gigs by the Gamblers Skiffle group1957
Below,Karl Terry,Gordon Railton[piano] Mike Whitfield[drums]Dave mac Macgibbon[bass]and Dave Shipperley[gtr]
Above during school holiday[Eastbourne 1957]trying to play ROSSETTI LUCKY SEVEN
Right,Geof Caddick[bass] Nicolette Moran[Vocals] Karl Terry[Lead gtr,Vocals] Chinon France 1960/1
Below,A North West EQUITY Variety gig,the Pink Panther and beautiful young SONIAS first time on stage with a live band
Above the fabulous LINDA GAIL LEWIS in CAVERN   dressing room after KARL TERRY show
A few years later SONIA has never changed but Karl has
ex Cyclones,The Few and Pete Best Band sax Billy Burton with Linda Gail Lewis,at the Cavern for Karl Terry show
Above, the earliest line-up of the CRUISERS,Gerry Clayton [Bass],Don McCormack [Rhythm],Gordon Templeton[Drums] Larry Clarke [Rhythm] Dave Hamilton [Lead Gtr] 1958/60
Above,Earl Preston,Freddy Starr,Jonny Mc and Karl Terry the Floral Pavilion New Brighton Nov 2006
Note Freddies HANDS
Above,A very RARE photo of The AINTREE INSTITUTE,where the BEATLES played many times,on the left Wally Shepherd,Cy Tucker,Karl Terry[TARTAN Jacket]Ritchie Galvin[Drums]Dave Gore and Lance Railton 1960
Above L. to R. are Tobias,THE BRIGHTS[Bass] Wolfgang Lutz [Lord Mayor]Karl Terry,Achim Hoock THE BRIGHTS[gtr] Bad Durkheim Town Hall May 2007
What an honour,Karl Terry signs the guest book in the town hall for the Burgermeister Wolfgang Lutz 16th May 2007 Bad Durkheim Germany
Below   John Waddington[gtr]Karl Terry, Alan Stratton[no relation to Billy Stratton[double bass]
A Champagne toast from Wolfgang Lutz,as he signs and presents Karl Terry with the town hall book of honour for music, Bad Durkheim May 2007
Above,Ronnie Plimmer[Sax]Brian Parker[drums]Karl Terry,Lol Whitty[Guitar]at Liverpool Empire August 27/07 Brian Epstein memorial show supporting Gerry and the Pacemakers,The Searchers,and The Fourmost
Below, Rockin in RED Karl Terry with Owen Clayton
Below,a rare photo at the Windemere club,Freddie Ennis [bass]Karl Terry[lead gtr Vocals] Larry Clarke[rhythm]Gordon Templeton [drums]
Right Publicty Handout 1970s
Above,Billy Stratton[double bass]Karl Terry Ma Egertons,stage door pub Empire Theater Liverpool   27/807
Below The Liverpool Empire 27/8/07
Below,Alan Stratton[Double Bass]Karl Terry ROCKIN
Below,The Rockateers[Bielefeld,Germany]great band,great guys,Udo[Drums] Lyndon[vocals] Wolfgang[rhythm] Armin[sax]
Above,Posing backstage New Brighton Floral Pavilion Austin Quinn[double bass]Jonny Vee[gtr]Karl Terry, Brian Parker[drums] Ronnie Plimmer[sax]
Above,Karl Terry,Paul Hitchmough[drums] Horst Fascher and his lady Birgit after playing at Freddy Faschers 60th birthday party Hamburg
Below,Paul Hitchmough[Drums] BUNDE Germany
Right,Jonny Vee[Guitar] Karl Terry,Paul Hitchmough[Drums]HAMBURG Airport
RIGHT,Getting it straight from the horses mouth,as all my life its been from the OTHER end   Ghent Belgium
Left,Karl Terry Downtown Blues club [Hamburg]June 2006,Sam Hardie[piano] John Frankland [Gtr] Cameraman, Brian Parrish[lead gtr]
Above Downtown Blues club Hamburg
Below, Owen Clayton,Ritchie Prescott,THE ROCKIN REBEL Karl Terry,Kenny Goodlass and Andy Bourne
Above,Karl Terry,Earl Preston and Ritchie Galvin[T.T.s Drummer] at the opening of the new Cavern
Above,John Frankland,Gibson Kemp,Brian Parrish,Bobby Thompson, Howie Casey,Ekhe,Karl Terry on knees Downtown Blues club Hamburg
Left,Karl Terry outside Hamburg University
Above, Karl Terry,ex Cruiser,Flamingo,Chris Evans[The Undertakers]and Sean Connor,Red Triangle Club
Below,Karl Terry and Bobby Thompson,Estrel Hotel Berlin,with Roag and Pete Bests Wives
Below,Karl Terry Liverpool Empire theatre,supporting 10 C.C.
Above,some of the huge crowd,watching Karl and the band at the open air John Lennon concert,St. Georges Hall Liverpool
Below,Karl Terry Liverpool Empire Theater Brian Epstein 40th anniversary August 07
Left,Stefan Kahne [gtr] Karl Terry Weisenheim am Sand November 07
Above,Karl Terry,Colin Woodruff,and Harald Mau,Hamburg
Above,Roy Dyke[Ashton,Gardner and Dyke,Remo Four,Karl Terry and the Cruisers],at The Downtown Blues club Hamburg
Above,Angelique,Reinhold [drums] Udo Kahne [gtr] Waldemar [bass]Karl Terry, The Stefan Kahne Band Weisenheim am Sand,November 07
Above, Dave Lodge,friend and manager of Tommy Bruce,Rockin Ricky of the Velvet Collars,Karl Terry,Billy Burton,ex Cyclones,The Few,The Denims and Pete Best band at the famous Grapes pub Mathew Street
Right,An original stage jacket from 1959/60 displayed at the Merseybeat museum[Tate] Liverpool
Below,Karl Terry recording BABY I DONT CARE at Rox recording studios for the Buddy Holly compilation album
Above,Fifty years to the day Buddy Holly played the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Below,Billy Conroy[ex drummer]Karl Terry and great singer guitarist Frank Townsend[ex Escorts]The Easybeats,at Franks birthday bash,Lathom Hall
Right,After 47 years Karl,Dave Hamilton[Original guitarist]and Gerry Clayton[Original bass player]meet again at the world famous Grapes in Matthew Street
Below,Brian Parker recording for Buddy Holly album
Achim Hoock[The Brights]Karl Terry, Beatles festival,Estrel hotel Berlin
The Pink Panther,doing the SPLITS,Monaco ballroom
Above,The Face on the Bass
Above,Vic Grace[gtr]Marty Milner[drums]Karl Terry WITH Gerry Culligan[sax] on SHOULDERS,Gordon Loughlin[bass] and Steve Collins[trumpet]
A BIKER Wannabee for GREASE
Above,the FIRST group to play in CAVERN WALKS Next to the BEATLES STATUE,Paul Wright[gtr]Karl Terry,Dave Hornby[drums] Will Hornby[bass] Ronnie Plimmer[sax] AND next to him PADDY DELANEY[Original Doorman at the Cavern]
Above,Cavern Walks High-Jump
Above,doing the Cavern Walk Splits
Standing still in Cavern Walks
Below,Andy Bourne[sax] Karl Terry[Burns Baldwin bass] Ritchie Presscot[gtr]
Above,FATHER McKENZIE[Tom] of the BEATLES Song ELEANOR RIGBY,and Karl Terry at the first Merseycats show the Grafton Liverpool 1980
Below,a very rare photo of the Blue Angel club Liverpool,Karl Terry and Les Braid[Swinging Bluegenes]
Left,Alan[Bob]Hardy[gtr]Alan[Gaz]Gaskell[sax]Karl Terry,Tony Dunmore[bass]Mike Kearns[sax]Tommy Maguire[drums]seated
Above,The Estrel hotel Berlin,Beatles Festival,Julian Dawson[mouth organ]Kingsize Taylor[gtr]John Frankland[gtr]Karl Terry[White T-Shirt Lead vocals]Stefan Kahne[gtr]and Gibson Kemp[drums]
Below,Tommy Hughes[ex Swinging Bluegenes,Mojos] Karl Terry Olympia[Locarno] Liverpool
Above,an eighties lineup of Marty Milner[drums]Brian Jones[tenor sax] Gerry Culligan[alto sax]Allan Robertson[bass]and Kenny Robinson[gtr]
Above,Karl Terry with Craig Douglas,the Olympia[Locarno] Liverpool
Above,After 45 Years Karl Terry,Dave McGibbon and Dave Shipperly,meet again as The Delameres Merseyside Rock n Roll Society
Mac[bass,Delameres]Dave Shipperly[gtr Delameres]Frieda Kelly[Original BEATLES Fan club Secretary,Karl Terry at Merseycats
Above,Arty Davies[drums,Wheels on Fire]Dave Shipperly[Delameres gtr]Karl Terry,Mac[Delameres bass]Jimmy Doran[The Easybeats]Phil Ford[Lead gtr Vocals,Wheels on Fire,at Huyton Rock n Roll Society
Above,Vic Grace[gtr]Karl Terry with sax player Gerry Culligan on shoulders
Below,Mr. Tambourine Man
Above,Lee Curtis, and Karl Terry studying at Hamburg University
LOVE Rock-a-Billy
Above,Tucker Chance[comedian],Andy Bourne[sax] Les Oneil[Drummer]Owen Clayton[Bass]Lawrence Areety[Harlems] Vinny Ismael[Harlems] and Arty Davies[Drummer]
Right,Peter,the boss,Zum Adler,Weisenheim am Sand November 07
Below,Payment book from the firm that helped the Skiffle/Rock n   Roll/Merseybeat explosion
Above,Vinny Ismael[Harlems and Cruisers]With Karl Terry and Hofner Club 60
Above,another rare guitar,Karl Terry at Udo and Stefan Kahnes house November 07 Weisenheim am Sand
Right,Karl Terry, Have Guitar,[Hagstrom] and travel, home of Stefan and Udo Kahne November 07
Below,Karl Terry, recording the last MERSEYBEAT VINYL   L.P. Rock n Roll Thats All, in Germany
Below,Karl Terry,Lol Whitty,Alan Stratton the Eisenhutte ,Brackwede Germany 07
Above,The Rockateers,Earl Preston,and Karl Terry at the Flute and Firkin Liverpool
Above,K.P. The Storyville,Bad Durkheim,May 2007,who made Karl Terry so welcome.
Above,Karl Terry Liverpool Royal Court Theatre soundcheck
Above, Waldemar[ Brights manager] and Christina,Karl Terry Storyville May 2007
Above a Classic whos who of Merseybeat/Rock n Roll originals Harry Prytherch[REMO 4] Colin Middlesborough[DALE ROBERTS and the JAYWALKERS] Dave Mac [DELEMERES] Terry Fisher [DEL RENAS,MOTIFS] Dave Williams[DALE ROBERTS and the JAYWALKERS] Karl Terry
Above,Liverpool Locarno[Olympia] Austin Quinn[bass]Brian Parker[drums] Karl Terry,Jonny Vee[gtr]
Below a great action shot of Lance Railton,Mike Evans and Karl Terry on tour,with the Pretty Things,Darmstadt Germany 1965   note the BEER bottle behind Karl on speaker
Above,Tim,the great young drummer for The Brights May 07
Below,Billy Conroy[friend and former drummer]Joe Dooley[friend and drummer]Brian Parker,Billy Stratton,Karl Terry,Lol Whitty   Ronnie Plimmer Liverpool Empire
Below,Tobias[Bass] Achim[Gtr] The Brights[May 07]
Below,Gordon Loughlin and Chris Hadfield The Ritterkeller, Bad Vilbel Germany February 1965
Below,Two Great singers and guitarists Achim Hoock [left]and Stefan Kahne,THE BRIGHTS
Below, The Ritterkeller,Bad Vilbel 1965 Gordon Loughlin,Chris Hadfield,Karl Terry and Lance Railton,especially for ROS HADFIELD
Below,Andy Bourne[sax] Karl Terry,Kenny Goodlass[drums] Alan Stratton[Bass] Ritchie Prescott[Gtr]who recorded the last Merseybeat L.P. on vinyl in Germany ROCK n ROLL THATS ALL
Above,Karl Terry,Gordon Loughlin[Bass]Chris Hadfield[Vox organ]Tommy Maguire[drums] Lance Railton[gtr]and Mike Evans[sax] The Ritterkeller,Bad Vilbel
Below,Merseycats guest band at Marconis club,Jonny Vee[gtr]Karl Terry,Brian Parker[Drums],Austin Quinn[Bass] Ronnie Plimmer[Sax]
Below,Johnny Guitar[Rory Storm and the Hurricanes]and Karl Terry
Above,Karl Terry celebrating his induction into Hamburg Museum HALL of FAME thanks to Lee Curtis a great singer and friend,after placing hands in cement and signing a plaque,some say it should have been a concrete overcoat
Above, a very rare photo of the dressing room Hambleton Hall Huyton August 17th 1961, appearing with the BEATLES,comperes Alan Ross and Bob Wooler,Gerry Clayton[Extreme Left] Karl Terry,Don McCormack[Bass] Dave Hamilton[Lead Gtr]Roy Dyke[Drums]
Above ,Karl Terry playing Maraccas Jonny Vee gtr,Austin Quinn Bass,Brian Parker drums,Ronnie Plimmer Sax,at Marconi club for Merseycats
Below,Karl Terry,Alan Gaskell[tenor sax]Joe Suntori[barritone sax]Alan Peters[trumpet] the CAVERN
Lance Railton,RITTERKELLER Bad Vilbel 1965
Below,This is definitely the Rock n Roll LIFE Cigarettes,Cold Beer,but NO Sexy Ladies,Karl Terry Bad Durkheim Germany May 07
Above,Backstage at the Cavern,John Waddington and GEORGE MELLY after Karl Terry show
Below,Recording for German T.V. in an empty Bielefeld Jazz club,Andy Bourne[sax]Ritchie Presscot[gtr]Kenny Goodlass[drums]Karl terry,Alan Stratton[bass]
Karl Terry outside new Cavern
Above,The Locarno[Olympia]
Below, Downtown Blues Club Hamburg,Sam Hardie[piano]Karl Terry, Brian Parish[gtr The Londoners]
Above and Below,signing in cement,for Hamburg University
Below,Karl Terry cuts the JOHN LENNON AWARD cake
Below Lead singer JOHN LAW of the TREMORS and KARL TERRY waiting to go onstage at H.OT. Schildesche Germany August 07,John [rhythm]Manfred[drums] Mike Rioch[bass]and Byron [lead gtr] are the nicest bunch of musos anyone could meet
Below,the biggest wine barrel in the world,and the band did not drink it dry
Below,Earl Preston,Karl Terry and Dave Preston on a bender
Below,Cy Tucker,Dave Preston,Arthur[Tucker 2] Karl Terry
At home with his dog[SUNNY] manager Manfred
Below,Andy Bourne,Ritchie Prescot,Karl Terry,Owen Clayton
Above,Manfred Kuhlman and Phil Bimpson
Left,Karl Terry at E.S.W.A.Club Birkenhead
Right,The Thin Blue Line,Ritchie Prescot[Gtr] Paul Hitchmough[Drums] Karl Terry,Mike Rudd[Bass],Ronnie Plimmer[Sax] Liverpool POLICE club
Above,John[JAY]Rathbone and Karl Terry
Below,Karl Terry doing his THANG at Liverpool Echo Arena
Above,part of the huge crowd watching Karl Terry at Liverpool Echo Arena
Below,Mike Rudd[Bass]Karl Terry,Brian Parker[Drums]Ronnie Plimmer[Sax]Ritchie Prescott[Gtr]at Highfield Tennants
Below,Mike Rudd[Bass]Ritchie Prescot[Gtr]Brian Parker[Drums] Karl Terry and Ronnie Plimmer[Sax]
Below,Mike Rudd,Ritchie Prescot and Karl Terry
Above,The Torpids who we hope to meet again in Bielefeld in October at H.O.T.
Right,John Dickson,original Washboard player in The GAMBLERS SKIFFLE GROUP and 15 year old Karl Terry,Eastbourne 1954
Above and Right,Gerry Clayton[Bass] Gordon Templeton[Drums] Karl Terry and Dave Hamilton[GTR.] Barnton British Legion 1962
Above and right,Lance Railton[Gtr.] Karl Terry,Arthur Rigby[Bass]Alan Swanson[Sax] Tommy Maguire[Drums] Newsham Park Fairground Photo Shoot 1973
Above and Right,Larry Clarke,Gerry Clayton,Gordon Templeton,Karl Terry[seated]Don McCormack,Dave Hamilton   1959/61
Above,Brian Sax Jones,
Above,The Beat Shadows,Werner,Manfred,Wolfgang and wives,with Karl Terry, Billy Burton, Mike Rudd,Brian Parker H. O.T Schildesche,October 08
Below,The Beat Shadows with BRUCE WELSH
Below,The Grand LLandudno
Below,Karl Terry,Billy Burton, Brian[THE Undertaker] Jones,Ritchie Prescot,Paderborn Airport Germany,returning from VULCAN
Below,Ritchie Prescot,Gerry Clayton,Hard Days Nite Hotel,before playing Cavern with Karl Terry
Above,Kenny Ball Jazzmen at The Olmpia[Locarno] Liverpool
Above,Karl Terry reads about himself the morning after gig October 08 Germany
Above,Earl Preston,Lyn,and Billy Butler,after Karl Terry show at Mathew Street[Beatles] Festival
Above,Mike Rudd and Karl Terry,Ferionhof Kroger,Kirchdornberg Germany 08
Above,Harald and Doris Mau from Hamburg,Armin[sax]the Rockateers,Micaela after Karl Terry show,Schildesche Germany October 08
Above,Miss Beryl Marsden after gig with Undertakers and   Karl Terry and Cruisers ,Schildesche Germany 08
Above,Billy Burton,Kingsize Taylor,Karl Terry,Brian Parker at soundcheck,Schildesche Germany 08
Above,Nancy,Rockin John[Buddy Holly convention D.J.]and Van Lieshout at gig Madison U.S.A.
Above,The Midwesteners,Madison U.S.A.
Above,15 year old Dave Hamilton
Above,Gerry Clayton[Bass] Karl Terry,Dave Hamilton[Lead]Gordon Templeton[Drums] This Photo was found by Spencer Leigh in DECCA RECORDS ARCHIVES
Above,Mike Rudd,Brian Parker,Karl Terry,Ritchie Prescot and Billy Burton Pose for reporters SCHILDESCHE 08
Above,Karl Terry thanks the audience after performing at H.O.T. Schildesche 08
Above,Brian[sax]Jones[Undertakers]takes a photo of Karl Terry at soundcheck,H.O.T. 08
Above,Brian[sax]Jones,Ekhe[sax]Kingsize Taylor and Dieter,outside H.O.T. 08
Left,Gina Bimpson,Dietmar Kolk,Rene Shaka,New Star Club Hamburg
Above,Gordon Loughlin,Karl Terry,Tommy Mcguire,Lance Railton,Mike Evans,Ritter Keller,Bad Vilbel 1965
Above,Damstadt Germany 1965 Karl Terry,Paul Hitchmough,Gordon Loughlin,Mike Evans,Lance Railton,The STAR PALAST
Above,Geoff Caddick,Gordon Templeton,Karl Terry,Nicolette Moran,American Airbase Chatoroux France 1960
Above,Live T.V. for New Orleans Hurricane Katrina fund at the Cavern,Karl Terry,Alan Gaskell,Alan Peters
Above ,the latest C.D. Blue Monday,Reddy Teddy,Rip it Up,Shake Rattle and Roll,Baby i Dont Care,Baby Lets Play House,for the Buddy Holly Anniversary Gig
Above ,Gerry Clayton with Kenny Ball
Right,Mike Rudd,Karl Terry,Ritchie Presscot,Brian Parker,Billy Burton,Germany October 08
Below,Original CRUISERS Dave Hamilton[lead gtr]Don McCormack[rhythm]Radio Merseysides Spencer Leigh,Karl Terry,Gerry Clayton[bass] The Grapes pub Mathew St
Above and below,Dave Hamilton,Karl Terry,Gerry Clayton,Don McCormack
Above and below,Gerry Clayton,Karl Terry,Sam Leach[Beatles Promoter]Dave Hamilton,Don McCormack
Above and below,Karl Terry,Wayne Bickerton,Owen Clayton,at the John Lennon Awards
Above The Delameres1962,with new stage suits
Above Billy Kinsley[MERSEYBEATS] And Karl Terry recording CAVERN DAYS
Above,Ray Hall[gtr]Ronnie Plimmer[sax]Karl Terry,Will Hornby[bass]Dave Hornby[drums]
Above,Stefan Kahne,Karl Terry Haardt 09
Below,Karl Terry and Wolfgang Siegling,Zum Adler
Above and below,Karl Terry and Colin Woodruff,Zum Adler,Weisenheim-im-Sand,May 09
Below,Karl Terry and Achim Hoock,Stadtfest,Frankenthal 09
Below,Mario[The Brights] Karl Terry Frankenthal Stadtfest May 09
Above,Juergen Kopf,Stefan Kahne,Karl Terry,Bad Duerkheim 09
Below Karl Terry The Brights Stadtfest,Bad Duerkheim
Below,Renatte and Wolfgang Siegling,Zum Adler,Weisenheim
Above,TWO Dummys
Above and below,Ian Hunter[Gtr]Karl Terry,Brian Parker[Drums]Ronnie Plimmer[Sax]Mike Rudd[Bass] The Liverpool Bar
Below,Mike Rudd,Brian Parker,Ian Hunter,Kathy[Bob Staffords sister]Karl Terry,The Liverpool Bar
Above,a great band from KOLN,Germany with Manfred Jung
Below,Brian Jones,Jack Curtis,The Blue Angel club with The Times 1971
Below,Mike Wakefield,Dave McGibbon,Karl Terry,Gordon Railton,The Delemeres, LOCH LOMOND 1962